H15 15 / 55W Xenon Headlamp High Beam / Day Time Running

H15 15 / 55W Xenon Headlamp High Beam / Day Time Running

H1 7500k 55W Super White Xenon Halogen Light Bulbs - GP Thunder


Brand New in Protective Boxes.

H1 GP Thunder 7500K 100W Standard Wattage

Super White Xenon Quartz Halogen Light Bulbs for Headlight for Low / High Beam Bulbs / Fog Light / Running Light

Made in South Korea = Supreme Quality

Note: 2 Bulbs Per Order

Availability: In stock

Brand New in Protective Boxes

H1 GP Thunder 7500K 100W Super White Standard Wattage

  1. GP Thunder Light bulbs are made of fused quartz glass. They can produce high generating power even though they are just smaller.
  2. They have excellent heat shock-resistance, and they won't be broken even though they have water on their surface when the light on.
  3. GP Thunder bulbs have a longer life because they contain Xenon and Krypton gases.
  4. GP Thunder bulbs have high performance quartz bulb w/special coating to reach color temperature 8500k Super White


Warranty: 45 day replacement warranty for defective GP Thunder bulbs only. Free replacement if under warranty.

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